Reporting for Work

Once you have been dispatched to a contractor for work:

Be punctual and professional

  • Show up on time ready to work, if you have been sent to an interview with a prospective contractor, or dispatched to a job make sure you are on time. Do not be a “no show”. If an emergency comes up CALL LRS as soon as possible. Calling the contractor is strongly suggested also, but be sure to call LRS so we can document that you called.
  • Wear work boots & long pants. Wear clean shirts without holes or foul and derogatory logos.
  • Bring all the tools on the TOOL LIST that you reviewed and signed at LRS.
  • Have a positive attitude, give us a call after your first day and let us know how it went.

Once you are working

  • Obey the contractor’s instructions unless they put you in an unsafe or unlawful situation.
  • Do not leave or quit a job with out without giving reasonable notice; one week notice should be sufficient in most cases.
  • If you have a problem with the contractor or supervisor, resolve it in a professional manner. We strongly suggest you call Labor Resource Solutions for assistance in these cases.