How to use LRS

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1. Place an order

TO PLACE AN ORDER: Once you’ve registered with Labor Resource Solutions, fill out an order form or give us a call. The more information you give us, the better we assist you. Some Contractors place LRS electricians on near-by job sites prior to the immediate need to allow increased flexibility.
Register with LRS
Order a technitian

2. We receive your order

ONCE WE RECEIVE YOUR ORDER: We’ll present you with candidates along with pertinent information including the candidates’ desired wage. Once you’ve decided which candidate to hire, confirm with us the wages agreed to with the candidate and any changes or special circumstances around the engagement so we document it for your protection. As with any employee, ensure the candidate completes the necessary employment paperwork e.g. employment applications and W-2 forms. We can make arrangements to do this for you at your request.

3. Your employee reports for work

ONCE YOUR NEW EMPLOYEE REPORTS FOR WORK: Labor Resource Solutions will confirm your dispatch account and invoice you a prorated portion of your fee on a weekly basis until the buy-out is complete or you terminate the dispatch.

4. Job is completed

WHEN WORK GETS SLOW AND YOU NEED A TEMPORARY HOME FOR YOUR VALUED ELECTRICIANS:NO WORRIES!! Give us a call we can help you find a temporary home that will help you keep track these valued resources while keeping them happy through helping to ensure they have a steady income. Ultimately this increases employee retention while lowering your unemployment payments. We’ll provide this service for you free of charge, when you get busy just give them a call

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the contractors satisfaction by prorating our fee on a daily basis. We provide our service free of charge to electricians in order to provide the largest pool of electricians we can to our customers. To find out more: Contractors click here and Electricians click here.