Get Electrical Work

If you are looking for work…

1. Fill out our application on-line, or visit of our locations to complete an application in person

If you have already applied with us you may be able update your records over the phone.

Give us as much information as you can; work history, training, etc. This will help us get you to work quickly.

Check for accuracy!!!

Be sure the information is accurate. Make sure your desired wage, travel distance, and employment requirements are correct. Turning down work that fits your desires may hurt your dispatch rating.

2. Be available, responsive, & responsible

  • Be available; give us an accurate number to contact you. Not returning phone calls promptly may hurt your dispatch rating and may cost you a great job opportunity.
  • Call us back promptly once called.
  • Be courteous and professional when you contact or meet the contractor.
  • If you agree to meet for an interview make sure you are on time, and dress as you would for work.

3. Keep us updated & informed

  • If you find work on your own let us know. Not showing up or calling will hurt your dispatch rating and future opportunities.
  • Be sure to let us know your needs relative to the wages you are asking for. Turning down a job that we propose to you that matches your request may hurt your dispatch rating with Labor Resource Solutions.

Be courteous to the contractors and Labor Resource Solutions Dispatchers. Foul language, or rudeness will also affect your dispatch rating.