Fees and Wage Guide

Labor Resource Solutions Fees:

Labor Resource Solutions will bill you a prorated portion of the total fee at a rate of $15.00 per work day until the total fee is reached or the dispatch is terminated.

    A work day is any day Monday through Friday excluding Federal Holidays. We invoice the prorated daily regardless of the hours worked by the employee.

  • The minimum prorated charge for a dispatch is $50.00.
  • Call us about early buy-out discounts and automatic payment discounts
  • See the Contractor Agreement for more details

Wage Guidelines

1E Beginning Electrical Construction Technician 0-1 year Basic electrical installation tasks with limited experience and tools. Guidance needed. $10.00-$12.50
2E Intermediate Electrical Construction Technician 1-3 years Run conduits, install boxes, pull wire with lay-out and some supervision needed. $12.50-$18.00
CAET State of California Certified Electrical Trainee 0+ years Same as 1E and 2E and is currently enrolled in a State approved apprenticeship program. $14.00-$20.00
3E Electrical Construction Technician 3-5 years Able to read blueprints, bend pipe and install electrical systems less than 600 volts. Some trouble shooting. $17.00-$23.00
4E Electrical Construction Lead man 5 + years Able to read blue prints, make-up panels and devices. Layout work, order material, design small load electrical systems. Able to pass electrical inspections. $24.00 +
CAEJ State of California Certified Journeyman Electrician 8,000 hrs minimum Same as 3E and 4E with State of California Journeyman Certification $23.00+
CAEJF State of California Certified Journeyman with Foreman experience 10,000 hrs minimum Same as 4E with State of California Journeyman Certification $27.00 +