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Expand your Crew

When the need arises to expand your crew, simply call, fax, or email us your requirements. Using our wage guideline to help you determine local technician rates.

Labor Resource Solutions finds technicians based on your requirements and sends you detailed information about the candidates. We invite you to speak with the candidates directly to answer any special questions you may have. Once you’ve selected a candidate, Labor Resource Solutions will send you a dispatch report and dispatch the candidate to your job. When the candidate arrives at the job, make sure they fill out all your company related documents, just as any other employee would.

When your job is complete or you need to let go of your technician for any reason, call or email us and request a termination number. Once you receive your termination number, all billing stops for the dispatch.

Keep your best employees working

You know who your best employees are and you want to keep them busy working for you, but sometimes there isn’t enough work. No problem! Labor Resource Solutions can keep them employed on short term job calls until you get busy again. We save you money on unemployment payments while helping you retain your best employees.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee the contractors satisfaction of our customers by prorating our fee on a daily basis. Our service is provided to electricians free of charge in order to gain the largest pool of electricians we can for our customers.